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TSF represents some of the most innovative textile brands in the world today.

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40 Years Weaving Innovation

Crevin believes that good design should be in harmony with the environment. That is why recycling is at the heart of their creative process. They convert 100% of their textile waste into yarn that is used together with recycled cotton and pet bottles to construct the back-weaves of their fabrics.


We Inspire and Unite for Design and Culture

Design is our forte. MEKA's original designs are born out of an intensive process of research, brainstorming, concept development and sampling, all of it tied together with our intimate knowledge of the home furnishings sector.

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Your Innovation Partner For Textiles

HeiQ is a leader in material innovation creating some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile and material effects in the market today.


Metalised Textiles For Challenges That Matter

Shieldex is the leading manufacturer of metallized textiles. They use real metallic silver, copper, nickel and tin and incorporate these metals into the textiles using a globally unique chemical process, which enables us to harness the natural properties of these metals being in a textile and flexible form.

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